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Writing in different genres, there's no telling what Christian author Timothy James Reese will write next. From gripping spiritual/supernatural thrillers and geopolitical espionage suspense to far away lands and historical fiction, get ready to be entertained! Read the Lucky 13 Trilogy (Lucky 13, The Lighthouse, Redemption) and then follow Tim on a journey to feudal Japan in The Legend of the Bladeforgotten gods is available now. Stay posted for more updates on T. James Reese's next project, Nadia - a near-future thriller set in snowy Eastern Europe. 

Lucky 13
The Lighthouse
The Legend of the Blade
Lucky 13 - Novel by T. James Reese (Timothy James Reese)
The Lighthouse - Novel by T. James Reese (Timothy James Reese)
Redemption - Novel by T. James Reese (Timothy James Reese)
Download Chapter 1 for FREE!
Download Chapter 1 for FREE!
The Legend of the Blade - Novel by T. James Reese (Timothy James Reese)
forgotten gods

Brazil. Deep within the Amazon, veiled far below the rainforest canopy, a village is massacred. Upon investigation, officials rule it tribal genocide, but there’s a problem with their findings: there are no remains. The villagers are gone, lost to the jungle; among the missing, a family of American missionaries. News of the tragedy travels stateside, leaving John Campbell, the brother of the missionary, confused and angry. A week later, John receives a curious brown paper package in the mail, postmarked from Rio De Janeiro, a customs label slapped crookedly across the top. His hands shake as he loosens the wrapping and realizes what’s enclosed: his brother’s leather-bound journal. Included is a sloppily written note from a fisherman claiming to know what really happened and that the government had lied about the village’s fate. In a quest for truth, John Campbell embarks on a dangerous journey to the Amazon. But will he find what he’s looking for or be left with more questions that need answered?


Available Now!

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