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Lucky 13 - A novel by T. James Reese
Lucky 13 - A novel by T. James Reese - Front Cover
Lucky 13 - A novel by T. James Reese - Back Cover
Lucky 13 - A novel by T. James Reese - Spine

Greed, lust, power: the American dream. The story begins with recently promoted Kayla Rose, a young energetic New York City detective, trying to maintain the delicate balance between her work and personal life, secretly falling in love with her sweet, but rough-edged partner, Jamie Branson. A gruesome mass-murder leads them down a path of mystery and lies, amplified by her younger sister’s premonitions, the grisly details unfolding in her nightmares. Soon, they find themselves involved with a curious old priest and his demon-hunting apprentice. As the story unfolds, the ambiguous web unravels into a shocking revelation: the only logical answer to their investigation is not of this world. Finding themselves trapped in a raging conflict between angels and demons, they realize the truth as events lead them to Christ’s grace. In the end, hope, love, and truth prevail.


Lucky 13
By T. James Reese
Lucky 13; Volume 1 (2013)
ISBN:  978-0615733531
Recommended Audience:  18+

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