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Timothy James Reese began writing and drawing early on, making his own comic books, then selling them to his classmates and neighborhood kids. He continued drawing through high school and was honored with many awards including ACSI Best of Show and Ohio All-State honors. His writing had usually been limited only to short stories, but  in his twenties, as his mother fell ill, he found himself writing pages, then chapters, and finally drafts of what would become Lucky 13 and The Legend of the Blade. As cancer confined her to bed, Tim wrote to entertain her. She became his inspiration. Upon her passing, he committed to finishing the two books in her memory and now continues to write driven by his passion for the written word.


Tim graduated from Malone University in 2002 with a degree focused in business administration and marketing. 


Tim, his wife, and their two sons and daughter live in the Dominican Republic where they work in the areas of economic and community development, and Christian discipleship in partnership with an organization of Dominican Baptist Churches. They previously lived in southern, coastal Mexico for a year as they studied Spanish in preparation for their work in the Dominican Republic. Ohio is their homebase when stateside.


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Tim is an established author with five published works: Lucky 13, The Lighthouse, Redemption, The Legend of the Blade, and forgotten gods. He is currently writing his sixth novel:  Nadia.

"Why do I write? There's something amazing about the written word. It's so challenging to craft a story that's visually compelling, but that's my passion. Drawing a picture that makes viewers see detail I want them to see is easy because it's right there in front of them, no room for interpretation. But with words, imaginations can be sparked as the pages come to life, so even if I picture a scene a certain way, readers may view it entirely differently, as their imaginations take what I intend or describe and blend it with their own vision. I'm an extremely visual person and I'm also compelled by film. So when I write, I envision each scene in detail, the depth of the space, the layout of a room. I hear the dialogue and I imagine how each character shapes the words, how they stand as they speak in relation to other characters and the world I'm creating around them. It's like nothing else I can describe; and the satisfaction that comes from putting everything together and seeing a story really come alive while having the opportunity to infuse the plot with hope and faith, I couldn't ask for more.


As an author and avid reader, I've found that a lot of Christian writers avoid topics like sex and alcohol or drug abuse. But I manage to discuss such themes in a way that is realistic yet tasteful, approaching a violent and tempting world from a Christian perspective. And though I would categorize myself as a Christian author, my books aren't necessarilly written for Christians. I want to offer compelling stories that will entertain both secular and faith-based readers while delivering the hope of Jesus Christ and His salvation!"

Romans 12:2

Do not conform to the pattern of this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind. Then you will be able to test and approve what God's will is - his good, pleasing and perfect will.

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