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forgotten gods by T James Reese - Spine
forgotten gods by T James Reese - Front Cover
forgotten gods by T James Reese- Back Cover
forgotten gods
By T. James Reese
forgotten gods (2020)
ISBN:  978-0615750712
Recommended Audience:  13+

Available at, Barnes & Noble, Books-A-Million, and more

Brazil. Deep within the Amazon, veiled far below the rainforest canopy, a village is massacred. Upon investigation, officials rule it tribal genocide, but there’s a problem with their findings: there are no remains. The villagers are gone, lost to the jungle; among the missing, a family of American missionaries. News of the tragedy travels stateside, leaving John Campbell, the brother of the missionary, confused and angry. A week later, John receives a curious brown paper package in the mail, postmarked from Rio De Janeiro, a customs label slapped crookedly across the top. His hands shake as he loosens the wrapping and realizes what’s enclosed: his brother’s leather-bound journal. Included is a sloppily written note from a fisherman claiming to know what really happened and that the government had lied about the village’s fate. In a quest for truth, John Campbell embarks on a dangerous journey to the Amazon. But will he find what he’s looking for or be left with more questions that need answered?


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