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[proselyte] - Angst for Nothing - Catalyst


With the help of two college friends, Tim formed [proselyte] in 1999, changing the name to Angst For Nothing (AFN) in 2002 with the addition of two new members. Taking a break from 2004 to 2005, Tim returned to the music scene with the band Catalyst, partnering with the original drummer from [proselyte] and AFN, Cameron Storey, and new bass player Jason Blanda.


As singer, songwriter, and guitarist, Tim infused the bands' music with his passion for life, hope, and ministry. With a catalog of nearly 150 songs written over a decade, he continues to write new music and lyrics even after leaving Catalyst in 2009 when faced with the choice between signing a recording contract with a label or following a call to the ministry.


He remains close with his friends in Catalyst and has recorded several fan favorites with the band since parting ways. But with music in his blood, it seems inevitable that he'll find his way back on stage or into the studio once again.

In 2019, Tim recorded a small collection of worship favorites on a short EP entitled soundMIND. The original six tracks will continue to grow as he adds more music in the future, some familiar and some original. Check back often for more additions. As always, the tracks are free to download. 


by T. James Reese
by T. James Reese
by T. James Reese
This Is - Catalyst
Are You Listening_ - Catalyst
by T. James Reese
by T. James Reese
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