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forgotten gods by T James Reese - Spine
The World That Remains - Front.jpg
forgotten gods by T James Reese- Back Cover
The World That Remains
By T. James Reese
The World That Remains (2028)
Recommended Audience:  13+


Moscow. Winter. A dark, sprawling wood stands in curious contrast to the encroaching urban world in which it hides. A mysterious compound lies hidden deep within the trees. The blocky, uniform, concrete structures are relics, reminders of a bygone cold war. Now the sound of children's voices echoes through the labyrinthine corridors. 

Here from her bedroom window, young Nadia dreams of the outside world. Is it a school? A hospital? Would she even know the difference? The children call it home while some might imagine it a prison, a stronghold without bars. An impenetrable walls encase the property. Armed guards patrol the lone, gated entrance to the grounds. Advanced surveillance drones take flight around the campus. Security cameras monitor the rooms and halls. Nadia—like all the inhabitants—is watched as she eats, as she studies, as she sleeps. To her this is normal; this is all she's ever known. 

But an awakening will come. It must. Something dormant lurks just beneath the surface. Nadia is restless. She's changing—she feels it, though she can't describe it. Her dreams are terrifying. Nightmarish, brooding creatures haunt her sleep, unbelievable power coursing through her body—the power to alter the world resides within Nadia. Can she be controlled?

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