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Lucky 13 -

"When I read a book I don't just want entertainment, I want meaning. My favorites are the ones that redefine my worldview and make my thoughts a little richer. This is the main reason I would recommend Lucky 13, is because T. James Reese didn't just write a book about love or crime, he wrote a book that forces readers to acknowledge their spirituality. I think the message was well thought out and intellectual, the characters lovable and the storyline kept me interested. I am looking forward to The Lighthouse."


"This is a really interesting read. Two things that immediately jumped out at me are that it's thought provoking in that it speaks of the very real and unseen battle of good and evil in our world through spiritual warfare. These are not things most of us think about on a daily basis! The book also communicates the Gospel, yet is not preachy, or over done in its approach. Its a nice balance of an intriguing story yet interwoven with a faith journey that is very relatable...there are elements of the writing that remind me of fellow Christian authors Frank Peretti or Ted Dekker, yet Reese crafts a style and a story all his own. An intelligent and approachable read, this book would be a fine read for fans of the aforementioned authors, or fans of novels with a faith based emphasis who enjoy a great story."


"I loved everything about this book! The story keeps you guessing and the pace of the book hits the ground running and doesn't let up until you finish the book. I had a hard time putting it down when I got near the end. This book isn't just a thriller that keeps you guessing and in suspense till the end, it also puts spirituality and Christianity into a very realistic perspective."


"The book had some interesting scenes of how the invisible spirit world affects the physical world. It showed the battle between good and evil. I thought there were too many gory violent scenes."


"I'm the first to admit that im not a real big book reader if I cant get into it after the first couple of chapters...but with this book I'm finding it hard to put catches you right from the start and keeps you entwined in the twists and turns of every is definitely a MUST READ!"


The Lighthouse -

"This book continues 5 years after Lucky 13 and it hits the ground with new characters...and revists some old ones...with twists and turns every step of the way. The pace of this book is slower than Lucky 13 but I feel it fits this book ends on one heck of a cliff hanger, can't wait for the 3rd book...Another great book by T. James Reese"


"Awsome sequel to Lucky 13. Cant wait for the 3rd book. Very vivid detail. You can picture everything the author is writing about almost as if you were in the story. Loved it!! Highly recommend this series."


"The one bone I have to pick with T. James Reese is that I am left hanging at the end of The Lighthouse with no third book to read! I really enjoyed this one, although it read more like a movie script rather than a novel. This book brought in some new characters and developed some old ones. I am ready to read the last one!"


Redemption -

"Great trilogy. Makes you want to read more about all the characters, and continue the story. God is so good."


"Wonderful writing!!! Excellent plot!!! An absolute page turner. My only problems: it starts out a little hard to follow. It's kind of PG 13 in the sensual department. I won't recommend for anyone who is under 18. Other readers may call me a crazy but I didn't wanna read about sensuality in a CHRISTIAN book."


"Great book I have the whole series...I recommend buying all 3 so you can get the complete story without being lost. I had to re-read the other 2 because some details I forgot...but I waited a while to get the 3rd book. Great story."


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